Danderhall and District

Welcome to the community support page for residents of the Danderhall and District Community Council area.

Your community support group is run entirely by volunteers who are supported by several local organisations.

You can request support using the support form on this page, or you can contact us using our dedicated Facebook page, see link below.





Alone, Worried or Anxious?
Don't be, we're here to support you.


Please note that our volunteers cannot provide in home visits, medical advice or replace any of the services you currently receive from other agencies such as social work or professional carers.

Please also be assured that any contact you make with us will be treated in the strictest confidence. See statements 14 and 15 below.

You can complete this form on behalf of someone else, but other than section 13, please populate the fields with details of the person or household in need of support.


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15. GDPR - Data Protection

Personal data in this form will only be used to coordinate a response to the COVID-19 pandemic for your local community resilience volunteer group(s). After this period all data and forms will be destroyed. Personal data will be kept temporarily by your local volunteer group(s) and Midlothian Council Communities team. Please check the box below to show that you understand what we are planning to do with your personal data:*

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